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Team Jerseys
December 2, 2019

Team Captains and Players,

There has been a tremendous amount of confusion regarding the Matching Team Jersey Rule as of late.

As a result, effective immediately, the Jersey rule will be updated to the following as per line Number 1.

As long as the jersey is of the same color, with the team crest, and has a number on it, it will be deemed "Matching"

If a sub jersey is all black and the standard team jerseys have a stripe on the arm, as long as it is the same color, with the team crest and a number on the back it will be acceptable.

The "exact" verbiage with respect to jerseys has been removed at the request of captains and players.   We will follow three rules going forward, color, crest and number.

If the entire team does not have a front crest, then it will be considered "matching", but each player must have a number on the back and the jerseys must be the same color.



Beginning the Fall Session 2017, Connecticut Hockey League has updated Rule #9, (jersey matching), as per the below requirements. CHL is not a pick-up league and requires that all players from all teams wear matching jerseys to participate.

  1. All teams must be in MATCHING jerseys. This includes Color of the jersey with Matching Crest and Number(s). In addition, any jersey without a number, with a duplicate number, or with a “tape” number is considered “NON- Matching”. Jersey color that is faded or darker because it may be old/new is in fact matching and not subject to #2. Also, there is no matching “SOCK” rule in the CHL.
  2. Any player that is not in a matching jersey per item #1 will be called for a 2:00 minor, (designated as “jersey violation”), by the referee, in agreement with the Off-Ice official. This penalty will be called when the player takes the ice and served at the next stoppage of play.   This penalty can only be called one time for each player not in a matching jersey. There can be a maximum of (2) players put in the box at one time for this infraction. If more that 2 players are put on the ice in Non Matching jerseys, 2 players will immediately go in the penalty box, and additional players will be put in, (1-2 at a time), until a penalty has been served for each player. For example, if a team has 4 players in non-matching jerseys, and they put all 4 players on the ice at one time, they will serve 5 on 3 shorthanded back to back. This includes ALL CHL Tiers, in ALL RINKS.
  3. The rule is simple, and the referees and Off –Ice Officials do not wish to get into an argument each time the penalty is called. Players that argue and delay the game as a result of the penalty being called will be immediately be issued a 10-minute misconduct. Continuation of delaying the game may result in a game misconduct with additional game suspension. Look at your jersey, if it doesn’t match the rest of the team you are going in the box for 2 minutes. It’s not complicated and it is not the referee’s fault.
  4. When there is the instance of team jerseys conflicting, eg. Both being dark, the team that is the lower seed must replace their jersey with non-conflicting jerseys. In this case, all jersey requirements are NOT in effect, for the team that changed as well as the team that is wearing their standard jerseys. To clarify, the team that has changed cannot call a penalty on the team that did not and vice versa.
  5. In addition, Sub Goalies are not subject to the jersey rule. Each team will designate a permanent goalie at the beginning of each session, and they are required to be in a matching jersey. If that goalie is not available, it is recommended that the sub goalie be in matching jersey, but it is not required and will not be called as a jersey violation. The league does not want to discourage substitute goalies from playing and have teams on the ice without one.   If a permanent goalie is non-matching, a player from the ice at the start of the game will serve the penalty.


If there is a conflict between two teams wearing similar jersey, the higher seed is able to ask the other team to change jerseys or wear pinnies when available.   All teams are asked to have a light and dark jersey at all times.



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