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CHL Penalty Box
May 15, 2014

Suspension Listing and Rules Reminder

Any Player receiving 5 minor penalties in the same game, will be immediately ejected and disqualified from the rest of that game and will receive an additional (1) game suspension to be served at the next game. If a player incurs two multiple penalty game suspensions in one session, they will be disqualified from play for the remainder of the session.

Any player receiving two ejections, for any reason, within one session, will be disqualified from play for the remainder of that session with no refund. In addition, that player will disqualified for the remainder of the following session with (1) major infraction penalty.

At the leagues discretion, any player receiving a session dismissal may be permanently removed from the league.

Due to insurance regulations, (as well as legal and civil liabilities) , any suspended player that takes the ice during a suspension will be subject to police action and possible prosecution. Connecticut Hockey League, LLC, officiates all games under the guidelines of USA Hockey combined with the league specific rules outlined By CHL. This is presented in an effort to promote safe and fair play.

Ultimately each player bears sole responsibility for non-hockey related actions that occur during CHL games. 

Fall -  2017


Joe Hopper - Americans - Checking - Suspended 9/17/17

Adam Sutton - Silver Hawks - Major Rough - Suspended 9/19/17

Dan Quinlan - Silver Hawks - 3rd man into altercation - Suspended 10/1/17

Steve Morrisette - Silver hawks - 5 penalty game - Suspended 10/1/17

Ryan Sander - Mody Dicks - Checking - Suspended 10/9/17

JP Jordan - Npo Regretszkys - Spear - Suspended 10/11/17

Chris Galetta - Silverio Mechanical - Checking - Suspended 10/21/17

Mike Wolf - Honet badgers - Major Rough - Suspended 10/22/17

Chris Brefort - SHut Yer 5 Hole - Major Rough - Suspended 10/22/17

Kevin McMorrow - Car Bombs - Major Slash - Suspended 3 games - 10/25, 10/31, 11/5/17




Mike Horn - Tomax - 2 Suspensions in Summer 2017

Bob Murphy - Ice Dogs - Spearing - Suspended 9/17/17

Rich Rodriguez - Tomax - Checking - Suspended 9/28/17

David Feldman - Chiefs - HeadButt - Suspended 10/12/17




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