Team Jerseys - Updated 2/24/17

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Team Jerseys - Updated 2/24/17
February 13, 2017

There is a rule in place, since 2013, for teams not in similar jerseys.  Some teams have really allowed their jersey situation to be, well, embarassing.

It's next to impossible to keep accurate stats when there are 3 players wearing #16, and 2 players with no number in any given game. "Blue helmet from red socks #16 from white helmet" has become a common recording of a goal / assist as of late.

The below rule is in place and can be enforced by an opposing captain, and I encourage all captains to do so, going forward. 

The league and its captains will determine if the penalty will be called by the referees, beginning the Summer Session 2017.  This decision will be made by April 1st.

Please note, when teams' jersey's are similar and 1 team is forced to change to an alternate color, this rule is null and void.  

This Jersey rule can be enforced at any time during the game, including the last 2 minutes to overtime.  The opposing player not in a similar jersey must be on the ice for the infraction to be called.

The infraction will be called during a break/whistle in the action.


*  Yes, if 2 opposing players are on the ice without matching jerseys, the captain can put both players in the penalty box for 2 minutes and gain a 5 on 3 advantage

* If the goalie is not in a matching jersey and the infraction is called, a player "from the ice at the time it is called " will serve the penalty.  However, SUB goalies are exempt from the jersey rule.

* Sock color or matching does not factor

* "Matching Jerseys" is defined as everyone wearing a jersey in Similar Style and Color, with a Unique Number on the back.  Simply put, it has to be the same exact jersey.  A blue jersey on a team with blue and white jerseys is a penalty.  A different front logo is also a penalty.  Different color numbers is a penalty...etc,  you get the idea.

Any confusion will result in a penalty as this can be easily avoided by simply wearing the same jersey as everyone else. If one jersey has white shoulders and the other does not, its not matching.

* CHL does not sell jerseys and has not put this rule in affect to boost jersey sales.   CHL only provides jersey for house team players.  



This is not a pick-up hockey league. If any team is not in matching jerseys, the opposing Captain may notify the referee and have a minor bench penalty called, (once for every player out of uniform).


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