Roster Rule Update

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Schedule has been updated to reflect all games from Cromwell being moved to Newington to finish the Winter 2020 Session

Roster Rule Update
June 20, 2020


In an effort to accomodate players, (and teams), that do not feel comfortable returning bc of COVID-19, the roster lock for Winter 2020 has been extended to week 10. Teams can manage player rosters until their 10th game is played.  Roster Lock will occur after each teams 10th game is played.  This session is obviously an extenuating circumstance and the league wants to be flexible and we hope this is a more than fair way to accomplish that.

Teams can replace players up to 48 hours before the game is played by contacting Jeff or Morgan via email with the new player and the player being removed.

Please be advised that any player removed will NOT be eligible to play, for any team, for the remainder of the session.

The new player must be "tier eligible" and claimed 48 hours, via email, before the game is to be played.  Any players that "show up" on game day without notification will not be allowed to take the ice.

Captains will handle how and what fees are paid to the team and how they will be dispersed back to the team or players.  No payments for replaced players are due to the league itself.

Again, all players must be "tier eligible" and "claimed 48 hours, via email, before the game is to be played"! 

Excited to be back, and thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Jeff Culmone




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