COVID Guidelines

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Full Seasonal Playoff System, Multiple Tiers, Multiple Arenas, Stats and InfoFull Seasonal Playoff System, Multiple Tiers, Multiple Arenas, Stats and Info.

Games will begin 2/1/21

Schedules will be adjusted by 1/18/21

COVID Guidelines
June 15, 2020

Rink / CHL requirements:

If you feel under the weather, please stay home. Your health is the most important thing above all else.

  • Players will be allowed entry to the building 30 minutes prior to their ice rental time and will be required to exit 20 minutes after their rental to allow for adequate time for sanitizing facilities
  • Will be encouraged to arrive (partially) dressed to access the ice and to minimize the use of the locker rooms
  • Locker rooms have been marked with social distancing. 13 players per locker room, we can utilize other locker rooms as needed when teams have more than 13 players
  • Upon arrival, players shall enter the locker room and stay in the room until ice is ready
  • Limit close player contact as possible
  • Avoid crowding on benches
  • Face masks are required in lobby area and in spectator area of the arenas (not required on ice)
  • Social distancing by spectators is required
  • No showering
  • All locker room and bathroom locker doors must remain propped open
  • Temporary break from handshake lines
  • All players are asked to take extra steps to sanitize and clean equipment after each game
  • Full shield face masks are encouraged and recommended
  • If showing any symptoms, please STAY HOME and notify captain and league management immediately
  • Use common sense in all situations, and report any potential concerns directly to league or rink management as needed
  • Timekeepers will wear facemasks when interacting with players and rink staff
  • If any positive COVID-19 case is confirmed during play, that team will be required to quarantine for 10 days from the last game played
  • If an individual is confirmed COVID-19 positive, they will be required to quaratine and can return to play 10 days after the "TEST" date

Rink Facility guidelines and sanitary standards can be found by visiting each individual rink website.


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